Ayurveda for digestion

Ayurveda for digestion

Сообщение ClintBarton » 25 май 2018, 13:57


Having digestive problems? You might have tried all those alternative forms of medicines and treatment. So why not switch to ayurveda now? It can definitely help you get rid of all those digestive ailments in the natural way. Go now and get ayurvedic digestive products now.Ayurvedic digestive products are made of herbal plants or such natural products. Hence it would stand close to nature and will not cause any side effects that harm your body in any manner. Since it sticks to natural products and natural therapy it would have more power to heal your digestive problems. You might have also read of the healing power of ayurveda with which many people have got rid of their chronic illness. So why not give it a try?

Please help.

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Ayurveda for digestion

Сообщение Kathrynnig » 28 май 2018, 20:18

Veterinary Ayurveda is ayurveda for animals. It have become a organised system. There is only few clinics. If you search in internet, you may find it.
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Ayurveda for digestion

Сообщение RosellaBof » 01 июн 2018, 11:40

I have been watching this question for ages, and there are no responses, and Im sorry. I wish I knew, but unfortunately I dont know about ayurveda.
I think any form of natural healing for any animals -which works- is a wonderful thing.
I have heard Homeopathy pooh-poohed and yet I have seen remarkable results with it in animals. And no-one could blame the placebo effect where an animal is concerned.

I hope someone responds. Otherwise, maybe you could Google it?
All the best.
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